pisode 2 left the K-drama with an intense ending. In Kyu (Go Kyung Po) and his foster father’s daughter Ji In (Jeon So Min) met an accident, which involved a family with a pregnant woman. He immediately recognized that she’s an inmate’s daughter who is supposed to visit her father.

In episode 3, In Kyu is performing a CPR on the pregnant woman. He is trying his best to save her while she is brought to the ER. It turns out that she and her child are in danger; hence, the hospital’s center chief, Dr. Go Jung Hoon (Cho Jae Hyun), is coming to help as well.

Meanwhile, the prison’s medical chief is trying to get In Kyu out of his job at prison. He is seen talking with Hyung Bum, giving him hints that In Kyu is interested on the latter. Even if he won’t say the entire story, maybe it’s enough that the inmate is going to be more “interested” in In Kyu.

Back at the hospital, In Kyu is asking a fellow doctor if she’s hitting on him. Later on, he’s seen with Ji In inside the elevator, having another round of bickering.

In Kyu’s apartment is broken in by Hyung Bum’s colleague. He sees some information about In Kyu being broke. He also looks at In Kyu’s closed closet. He’s going to check it but he won’t see what’s on the wall behind it.

When In Kyu’s back at prison, Hyung Bum will offer him a sideline, knowing that the former is in need of money. It is more likely that the protagonist is going to take the job so he could infiltrate the syndicate. It will be his true chance at taking revenge for his father’s death in a larger perspective so that there will be no other victims in the future.