Soo Ho (Yoon Doo Joon) finally agreed to work as a DJ on a radio show, in which Geu Rim (Kim So Hyun) is going to be the main writer. Hence, in Radio Romance episode 3, the preview showed that Crazy Gang (Yoon Park; previously starred in My Introverted Boss) is out to gather people to become his team for this new radio show. On the other hand, Soo Ho’s psychiatrist Jason (Kwak Dong Yeon) pressing and asking him if he’s doing the radio show because of Geu Rim a.k.a. Lady Kamikaze. Next, Geu Rim and Crazy Gang talked about the change of the lines and guests of the show that Soo Ho might do. It is theorized that Soo Ho will do anything he wants with the show, judging by his character.

Next, Geu Rim faces Miss La regarding some kind of battle. Maybe within the radio company there is a writing of script competition, if not clashing with their programs. It would probably go down into who’s the best main writer of each of their shows by means of ratings.

Later on, Soo Ho is seen talking to Mr. Kang that he’s going to sign a contract with Geu Rim as the main writer of his radio show. The older man seems to have no choice on this matter. He will surely approve of it because of Soo Ho.

Soo Ho is asking Jason if he could ask one question. Maybe it is pertains on his accepting the job as a DJ. If not, it could have something to do with Geu Rim. Nonetheless, Jason looks thrilled to be asked something from his patient.

By the end of the preview, Crazy Gang walks into the office wherein Geu Rim and Soo Ho are and puts his arm around the girl. Soo Ho’s disapproving look surely tells that he doesn’t like it and more likely gets jealous. However, when he and Geu Rim were alone, she asks if he is not going to do “it” then. Maybe there’s another twist in his decision about accepting the job as DJ. Or maybe he just wants to get Geu Rim’s attention and will make some kind of a deal with her. (Poor Geu Rim!)

Watch Radio Romance every Monday and Tuesday at 10 p.m. KST on KBS2. Episode 3 will be aired Feb. 5.